Aluminum Metal Roofing - The Benefits And Most Common FAQs

Enhance the appearance of your home with a sleek aluminum roof upgrade!

What Are The Benefits Of Aluminum Roofs?

As a homeowner, you can enjoy the numerous benefits that come with installing a modern and permanent aluminum roofing system:

  • Provide long-lasting durability with its ability to withstand harsh weather, including hail and strong winds.
  • Energy efficiency to keep your home interior cool and comfortable even during hot spells
  • Made of noncombustible materials, making it fire-resistant
  • Highly rust-resistant due to its non-corrosive properties

Aluminum is a sturdy and durable material designed to last longer than other metal roofing options. In addition, aluminum roofing comes in a variety of shapes, styles and designs, so you can get the roof you’ve always wanted.

Are Aluminum Roofs Energy Efficient?

An aluminum roof is one of the most environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient options available. The metal will reflect the light and emit heat, forcing the air to circulate and act as an insulation barrier. Your aluminum roof will help you save on energy costs and will provide excellent insulation during the cold winter months.

Many aluminum roofs can also be coated with a material to reflect heat, as opposed to absorbing it, to increase their energy efficiency.  

Can You Install A Metal Roof Over Shingles?

One of the great things about metal roofing is that you can install it over most existing roofs. Aluminum is a lightweight material, and its installation doesn’t require tearing off the existing roof, which can be laborious, add to landfill waste, and raise final costs.

Do Aluminum Roofs Rust?

Aluminum is highly resistant to rust. With advanced roofing technologies, you’ll enjoy a lost lasting roof without worrying about corrosion.

Will An Aluminum Roofs Mess With My Phone Reception?

Your metal roof shouldn’t interfere with your cell phone reception. However, if you’re experiencing any disruptions in your connectivity, you can always purchase a signal booster.

Remember that you likely use your cell phone in buildings with metal roofs every day. Many businesses and stores have metal roofs that doesn’t affect cell phone reception.

Can I Walk On My Aluminum Roof?

You can walk on your aluminum roof, however, precautions should be taken to protect your roof and avoid any falls and serious injuries. You shouldn’t walk on it if it’s snowing or raining outside as this causes a slippery surface.

Are Aluminum Roofs Loud When It Rains?

A common misconception is that the sound of rain will be louder with an aluminum roof. Modern aluminum roofs are installed with multiple layers of insulation and protection, which also acts as  a sound barrier. Aluminum roofs are not any noisier than any other types of roofs.

Do Aluminum Roofs Come In Multiple Colours?

All the products we carry at Canadian Metal Roof Manufacturing come in various colours. You can choose from colours such as mocha brown, chocolate brown, black and blue-grey.

Each roof tile comes with a matte polyester coating, ensuring you receive a quality product.

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