Canadian and International
Metal Roofing Suppliers

At Canadian Metal Roof Manufacturing, we partner with reputable metal roofing suppliers to deliver exceptional products and solutions to our customers. Our steel and aluminum suppliers are located worldwide, including Canada, Italy, and Norway. All panels are manufactured in New Hamburg, Ontario.

Color-Steels - Metal Roofing sheets

Color Steels has established itself as a leader in the pre-finished metals industry across North America. Since 1985, they’ve offered their customers a wide range of colours, paint types, and materials. 

All of their products feature excellent weathering properties, which helps to account for the extreme weather elements Canadian homeowners face.

Through continuous investment, Color Steels’ have developed products of high quality and durability, making them an excellent choice for metal roof installation.

Color Steels’ commitment to the environment means incorporating advanced technology to ensure the efficient use of materials and energy. Any emissions produced during the manufacturing process get recycled back into their operations.

arcelormittal metal roofing sheets

ArcelorMittal provides an entire collection of steel products and solutions for various industries, including automotive, household appliances and metal roofing. Dedicated to sustainability and the environment, ArcelorMittal steel can be adapted for most guttering and roofing applications. 

They offer insulated sandwich roof panels that feature a special air leakage seal. The seal complies with the airtightness requirements for Canadian roofs. 

ArcelorMittal also sells sloped roof systems. These roof systems offer high levels of sound and thermal insulation, so you’re guaranteed to feel cozy and snug with an ArcelorMittal roof.

Marcegaglia - Metal Roofing

The Italian company, Marcegaglia is a leader in the steel industry. They promote sustainability and invest in constant innovation for the protection of the environment, plant safety and production efficiency.

Marcegaglia utilizes treated and galvanized steel in its roofing products and its insulated panels are effective at retaining sound and heat insulation. In addition, their roofing products come in various styles and colours, designed to make your roof modern and sleek. You can even request metal panels that resemble ceramic tiles, making them a popular option with homeowners.

Hydro - Metal Roofing

The aluminum produced by Hydro, a Norwegian company, is lightweight, climate efficient, and durable. Hydro products are sustainable and eco-friendly. The company’s goal is to cut its CO2 emissions by 30% by 2030. 

One of the benefits of aluminum is its natural resistance to rust, thus protecting your roof from corrosion. A Hydro roofing system can also be painted, adding to the roof’s durability and aesthetic value. 

Hydro’s research and development team strive daily to improve its existing processes and products. Their goal is to make superior products for a sustainable and greener future.

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If you’re looking for metal roofs in Canada, look no further than Canadian Metal Roof Manufacturing. We partner with the best metal roofing suppliers in the business. You’re guaranteed to get an exceptional metal roof that will last for many years to come.

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