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All Our Metal Roof Panels Are Manufactured In New Hamburg, Ontario

Royal Metal Roof Panel Profile

Royal Panel Metal Roofing (New)

Royal Panel metal roofs fulfill a homeowner’s need for durable, puncture-resistant protection against the weather while working in harmony with the forces of nature. It comes in a variety of colours and styles to choose from.

• Module Width: 350mm   –   13.78″
• Height of Knockouts: -20mm   –   0.7874″
• Profile Height: -19mm   –   0.748″
• Covering Width: -1150mm   –   45.28″
• Overall Width: -1210mm   –   45.28″
• Maximum Sheet Length: 7500mm   –   24.61″
• Minimum Sheet Length: 370mm   –  14.76″
• Thickness: 0.6mm   –   0.01965″
Indigo Panel metal roofing

Indigo Panel Metal Roofing

The Indigo offers superior and reliable protection against all weather elements, such as sun, wind, and snow, without sacrificing style. Durable and eco-friendly, the Indigo will be a great addition to any home property.

• Module Width: 350mm   –   13.78″
• Height of Knockouts: -20mm   –   0.7874″
• Profile Height: -19mm   –   0.748″
• Covering Width: -1150mm   –   45.28″
• Overall Width: -1210mm   –   45.28″
• Maximum Sheet Length: 7500mm   –   24.61″
• Minimum Sheet Length: 370mm   –  14.76″
• Thickness: 0.6mm   –   0.01965″
Victoria Panel metal roofing

Victoria Panel Metal Roofing

The Victoria offers superior and reliable protection against sun, rain, wind, and snow without sacrificing its visual beauty. This metal tile panel brings beauty and durability and reduces energy costs. The Victoria will complement any home’s architecture.

• Module Width: 350mm   –   13.78″
• Height of Knockouts: -20mm   –   0.7874″
• Profile Height: -23mm   –   0.9055″
• Covering Width: -1120mm   –   44.09″
• Overall Width: -1180mm   –   46.46″
• Maximum Sheet Length: 5740mm   –   226″
• Minimum Sheet Length: 800mm   –  31.5″
• Thickness: 0.6mm   –   0.01965″
Huron Panel metal roofing

Huron Panel Metal Roofing & Siding

Classic and simple, the Huron Panel is reliable and durable even in the harshest Canadian weather. Reduce your energy bill by installing this stylish, eco-friendly metal panel over your existing roof.

• Profile Height: -18mm   –   0.708″
• Covering Width: -1180mm   –   42.52″
• Overall Width: -1120mm   –   44.09″
• Maximum Sheet Length: 10000mm   –   393.70″
• Thickness: 0.5, 0.6mm   –   0.01965″
Metal Rain Water Systems

Metal Rain Water Systems

This complete system includes external guttering along with all accessories necessary for installation. It is made from high-quality steel deep discharge, covered zinc (275 g/m2) or aluzinc (185 g/m2), coated using SPT (surface protection treatment) technology, and protected on both sides with polyurethane having a thickness of 50 microns.

Available Metal Roofing Colours

Colonial Red metal roofing

Colonial Red

Brown Mocha metal roofing

Brown Mocha

Chocolate Brown metal roofing

Chocolate Brown

Terracotta metal roofing


Jungle Green metal roofing

Jungle Green

Blue Grey metal roofing

Blue Grey

Slate Grey metal roofing

Slate Grey

Black metal roofing


Canadian Metal Manufacturing offers a large selection of affordable metal roofing products to enhance and protect the structure of residential and commercial buildings in Southwestern Ontario.​

Why Choose A Metal Roof?

Roof tiles are the most commonly used roofing materials for residential buildings, sacred buildings and public facilities. They are increasingly selected as permanent coverage in new constructions and renovations.

With the latest technology, we can fully automate the production process to cut metal sheets to desired lengths, allowing us to fulfill customized orders, all while reducing the amount of eco-waste. The highest quality of roofing systems is achieved through complete trim elements, seals and fasteners.

Canadian Metal Roof Manufacturing Ltd offers roof tiles in several colours with a matt polyester coating ww5μm, 35μm matt polyester and polyester matt brilliant new 35μm

Metal Roofing Product Structure

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