Metal Roofing in Cambridge, Ontario

Canadian Metal Roof Manufacturing manufactures and installs high-quality metal roofing in Cambridge, Ontario. Metal roofing improves the appearance of a house or building and increases its value, making it an excellent option for both residential and commercial properties in Cambridge.

Why Choose Metal Roofing?

Metal is the most environmentally friendly and durable roofing material available. Stylish and energy efficient, you’ll find it easy to keep this low-maintenance material looking its best. We offer an eco-friendly and affordable metal roofing option for our customers in the Cambridge area.

Can I Have A Metal Roof Installed Over Shingles?

Our metal roofs can be installed over your existing shingles, which is one of the reasons metal roofs are growing in popularity across the country. Installing a metal roof over shingles eliminates the expensive and time-consuming task of tearing off your old roof, thereby decreasing the amount of waste your project generates. 

Financing Options For Metal Roofing In Cambridge, Ontario

Installing a long-lasting metal roof is a solid investment. Canadian Metal Roof Manufacturing is proud to offer you affordable metal roofing prices. In addition, we also offer flexible financing options for all your metal roofing projects in Cambridge. 

Your roof will also come with a product warranty. Steel metal roofs come with a 50-year warranty. Roofs made from aluminum come with a lifetime warranty. 

About Canadian Metal Roofing Manufacturing

The metal roofing experts at Canadian Metal Roof Manufacturing have been providing roofing solutions for over 30 years. We’ve built an excellent reputation in the community based on quality and trust. 

Our roofing specialists have spent years studying how roofs are constructed in Sweden. For generations, Swedes have constructed sloping roofs to protect their homes against strong winds and snow. 

We’ve coupled that knowledge with modern technology to create sturdy roofs that can survive our harsh Canadian climate. 

Through our extensive knowledge and proven experience, we’re able to offer our clients exceptional customer service and deliver superior results. 

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