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Canadian Metal Roofing is the expert in commercial and residential metal roofing in London, Ontario. We combine the expertise we acquired from Swedish roofing experts, who for generations have been building sturdy roofs to withstand the harsh Nordic climate, along with our use of modern technology to offer you the absolute best in metal roofing.  

The Benefits of a Metal Roofing in London, Ontario

  • Long-Lasting Metal roofs are known for their durability and longevity, lasting well over 50 years after installation.
  • Easy Installation Not only is metal light and easy to transport, but most metal roofing can easily be installed over your existing roof.
  • Low Maintenance Aside from the occasional cleaning of leaves, branches, and other gutter debris, metal roofing requires little to no long-term maintenance.
  • Energy-Efficient Metal roofing reflects heat from the sun, reducing the need to rely on the air conditioner to keep cool during those hot London summer months.
  • Eco-Friendly Steel is one of the most recyclable building materials in the world. Metal roofs are often made from recycled materials, which cuts down on environmental waste.
  • Fire, Wind, and Mould Resistant Designed with tight interlocking panels, metal roofs offer supreme wind protection and are fire-resistant. Made to withstand the extreme London, Ontario weather, metal roofs are also immune to rot and mildew, stamping out any chance of mould growth.
  • Stylish Whether you want zinc, tin, aluminum, or copper, metal roofing comes in a variety of materials. You can also choose from a number of designs and colours.

About Canadian Metal Roofing Canadian Metal Roof Manufacturing has been offering durable and reliable steel and aluminum roofing and siding coverage to Ontario residents for over 30 years. We provide quality products at competitive prices, and we present buyers with a limited lifetime transferable warranty in case of any faulty issues with the roof. To request metal roofing services in London, Ontario, contact us today!

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